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Job Opening Information Social Studies Teacher

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Position Title
Social Studies Teacher
Required Application Type
Teacher / Admin
Salary/Pay Scale
$43950 plus grad hours and masters stipend
Job Description

Probationary Social Studies Teacher at Secondary level

* Prepare lessons that align to the NYS learning standands

* Effectively plan, teach, and assess lessons designed to meet the needs of individual students and the NYS learning standards

* Differentiate instruction to meet the individual needs of each student, as outlined in their IEPs and individual needs 

* Create an organized classroom with clear expectations and procedures

* Analyze various points of data and modify instructional goals that promote the highest level of student learning  

* Participate in student meetings with Newark staff and family members

* Communicate regularly with family members, keeping them informed of their child’s progress  

* Performing such other duties as may be assigned by the Building Principal as deemed necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

Job Qualifications

NYS Social Studies 7-12 certification 

Job Category
Job Location
High School

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